In today’s day and age where the ‘World is your playground’ many investors are interested in investing overseas especially in the US. There are 3 distinct advantages of doing so:

  • Portfolio Diversification

    Global investment ensures that all your investment eggs are not in the proverbial basket but spread around the world – in case the home country is going through a rough patch then the investment in other economies across the globe helps stabilize the portfolio.

  • Currency Fluctuation:

    The Indian Rupee, of late, has been depreciating at a rapid rate. While it is largely due to the strengthening of the US dollar, a depreciating rupee means that your investments need to work that much harder to ensure that they stay true to your goals, even in dollar terms. Investments in USD ensure that the portfolio is somewhat resistant to the volatility of currency fluctuation.

  • Foreign Education:

    As parents there will be very few of us who do not wish to send our children abroad for study. Paying for the tuition fee with a weakening rupee means that we are paying more from our pocket to make up for the fluctuation in currency. An investment abroad ensures that we can potentially liquidate the investment to pay the fees and / or have some surplus which the child can use when abroad.

Given these and many more advantages of investing a part of your savings abroad, Epsilon Money has partnered with Stockal to bring you the options of investing in some of the best US based companies across the globe.

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