Mutual Funds

As an investor you have a plethora of mutual funds to choose from, while we offer you the ability to invest in all of them, do go through the Epsilon Exclusive list. A list of more than 100 funds, curated by Epsilon Money and calculated by CRISIL – a globally acclaimed credit rating agency.

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Alternates and Insurance

Insurance and Alternative Investment

As a client of Epsilon Money you can avail of almost all kinds of insurance with us. From Life Insurance to Health Insurance and all kinds of General Insurance, Epsilon Money could help you finding a suitable type of insurance you need.Discerning investors can also choose from a host of AIF and PMS Options

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Other Financial Products

Through a host of financial alliances and through our referral partners, we offer you products like Direct Equities, Bonds and FDs, Peer-to-Peer Lending, Pre-IPO, Fractional Ownership of Holiday Homes, Loans, US Stocks and much more…

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The Epsilon Way

We believe the difference lies in our dedication to innovation, quality & service and our disciplined approach to help you achieve your financial goals. We are an integrated new age wealth management firm, building our presence across India and eventually key Asian markets.

About Us

We recommend our customer to have a long term & dispassionate view to ignore the short-term noise.

Our approach is independent from the crowd, driven by convictions, data and risk management.

We strive to minimize cost for the investors by offering fair value products and services.

We help customers build holistic portfolio - One of the few firms to offer long term glide path solutions.

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Our Approach

At Epsilon, we believe that we should let you dream – leave the tension of how you will plan finance for those dreams to us. We are here to help you and guide you, every step of the way.

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Innovation - Our DNA

With more than 100 years of combined expertise our Management team has come together with just one aim. To provide you with innovative solutions that will help you achieve your financial dreams.

Goal Based Solutions

We are dedicated to providing you with financial solutions that work best for you and help you achieve your financial goals within the timeframe you require. Be it short term goals or even your retirement which may be many years away.

Multiple Investment Options

From Indian Equities and Bonds to US Equities and eventually global financial options. We will offer you the entire suite of financial products and guide you as to which one is the best for you.

Going Beyond Investing

Not only equities and mutual funds but also Succession Planning, Real Estate, Global Residency, Taxation, Loans and much more through our strategic best-in-class partners. Epsilon will be your one stop solution for all your financial needs.

Integrated Reporting

Of all your holdings across asset classes in one place. Not only what you have invested with us, but also your entire portfolio – consolidated in one place, so you don’t need to go through multiple statements to know how close you are to achieving your financial goals.

World Class Customer Service – Across All Touchpoints

Whether you to come to our website or visit any of our branches. Our people are there to help and guide you through every step of your investment journey and make it as seamless as possible.

“Good Ethics is Good Business”

At Epsilon, we believe that we should let you dream – leave the tension of how you will plan finance for those dreams to us. We are here to help you and guide you, every step of the way. By always doing the right thing. By gauging your risk profile, investment horizon and recommending products accordingly. By doing what is best for you to achieve your goals.

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