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At Epsilon Money, our Partner and Product due diligence has a single-minded focus on creating outcomes which are fit for purpose. We have partnered with some of the brightest names in the financial world – so that you can avail a plethora of services on a single platform.

Our Partners share a common theme, irrespective of their field of specialization. They are:

  • Best in class
  • Boasting of proven track record
  • Handpicked to ensure that you get the best

Few of our Partners are:

Our MF Transaction Partner



Epsilon Money Mart has partnered with BSE MF Star for end to end mutual fund order processing and settlement journey. We are using their world class platform to provide our customers with a seamless mutual fund order processing experience.

A product of the iconic Bombay Stock Exchange, BSE Star MF is the leading web based MF distribution platform which acts as en aggregator in collecting MF orders from distributors, collecting funds and providing both orders and funds seamlessly to the AMCs. The platform facilitates complete paperless transaction and real time investor registration and onboarding.

Our Trading Partner

SMC Global Securities Ltd

SMC Global Securities Ltd

Epsilon Money has partnered with SMC Global Securities Ltd., one of India’s leading Equity Broking companies, to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free experience to open trading and demat account and start trading. Through the partnership you can seamlessly trade in Indian Equities, Derivatives, Currency and Commodities.

Our Bond Partners

Bonds are debt instruments issued by corporate bodies, government, or state bodies. These are fixed or floating-income instruments that represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower (typically corporate or governmental).

Bonds are used by companies, states and even the Central Government to finance projects and operations. The issuing party (say the government) promises to return your money after X days (called Maturity Date) and pays you Y (Fixed rate of interest) over and above the money you lend the government.Traditionally Bonds are considered to be relatively less risky as compared to equities.

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Golden Pi

Golden Pi

Golden Pi is a strategic partner for Epsilon Money for providing bonds fulfillment to retail customers. Our customers will be able to buy bonds, both primary and secondary, through Golden Pi.

Golden Pi is one of the largest fintech service provider for offering bonds and debentures to individual investors. Bonds worth 4,000 Crore is available on their platform. Golden Pi have partnered with leading brokers such as Zerodha, Axis Direct and IIFL Securities for offering bonds.

AK Capital Services Ltd

AK Capital, a market leader & Epsilon Money have partnered for offering retail fixed income products to our customers through the offline route.

Retail participation is the key for growth and maturity of fixed income markets. A. K. Stockmart lends its impeccable marketing and distribution capacity to garner maximum retail mobilization in public issues of debt.

Bonds India

Bonds India

Epsilon Money has partnered with Bonds India for the fulfillment of bonds. Bonds India is a one-stop leading-edge digital platform for the online trading of fixed-income securities that offers real-time price discovery along with end-to-end online transactions and much more. They deal in all kinds of fixed income investment instruments including but not limited to corporate bonds, tax-free bonds, 54EC bonds, government bonds, and fixed deposits.

Our Global Investment Partner



Stockal is a strategic partner for Epsilon Money for providing global equity investment options for Epsilon clients. Our clients will be able to invest in equity markets from several countries across the globe.

Stockal is a global investing platform that enables individual investors to diversify their savings and wealth internationally from a single account from anywhere in the world.

Stockal currently builds awareness of trading options in the U.S. markets and will be adding multiple destination stock markets soon.

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Our Global Mobility Partner

Ajmera Law Group

Ajmera Law Group (ALG)

Epsilon Money has partnered with ALG for providing immigration and overseas educational consultancy to our customers.

Ajmera Law Group (ALG) is an Indian law firm that assists Indian students and parents to plan for their or their child’s foreign education and subsequent settlement in a foreign country by offering various options including Residency and Citizenship by Investment and/or global investment.

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Our Estate & Succession Planning Partners

Every family and personal situation is unique and require bespoke planning for preserving family asset and transition of these assets to the future generation.

Managing seamless transition of asset is a daunting task and requires creation of structures and trust depending on family requirements. Our partner, will assist in crafting a strategic and effective wealth preservation and transition plan which will help ensure that the wealth creator’s vision becomes a reality for current and future family members

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Amicorp Group

Amicorp Group

Epsilon Money has partnered with Amicorp Trustee for providing succession and family office services to our clients on referral basis.

ATIPL, an integral part of Amicorp Group, concentrates exclusively on estate & succession planning services. We provide tailor-made solutions for effective estate and succession planning, fund structuring, company management services, family enterprise consulting, escrow, and custodial services.

Vistra ITCL

Vistra ITCL

Epsilon Money has partnered with Vistra ITCL, a global leader in providing succession and family office services to our clients on referral basis.

Vistra ITCL is the largest independent private trust services provider offering personalized services to clients and assist them in developing and implementing targeted, sophisticated asset administration and asset transfer solutions that are aligned with the overall affairs of the family.

Our Alternate Product Partners

Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal

Epsilon Money will be offering select PMS & AIF products from Motilal Oswal on referral basis which will be available to you on our seamless online platform.

Motilal Oswal Asset Management is also one of the leading providers in the alternate space covering AIF & PMS. They are one of the largest players in PMS & known for their PMS performance. They also offers AIF – Category III to both Indian and International sophisticated investors thereby providing opportunity to expand their investment horizon beyond the world of Mutual Funds.

ICICI Prudential Portfolio Management Services

ICICI Prudential Portfolio Management Services

Epsilon Money will be offering select PMS products from ICICI Prudential on referral basis which will be available to you on our seamless online platform.

At ICICI Prudential Portfolio Management Services (PMS), they believe they are managing the trust & aspirations of investors. The objective of their Investment Decision making process is to identify the most effective investment opportunity. At ICICI PMS, in-house BMV (Business, Management and Valuation) framework, aims to identify resilient companies with potential for long-term growth. Through this framework IPAMC aims to identify prominent businesses, with competent management, at reasonable valuations.

Marcellus Investment Managers

Marcellus Investment Managers

Epsilon Money will be offering select PMS products from Marcellus on referral basis which will be available to you on our seamless online platform.

Marcellus Investment Managers is one of the leading PMS providers in the country. Saurabh Mukherjea is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Marcellus Investment Managers. They manage AUM of INR 9400 Crore across 9709 customers.


O3 Securities Private Limited

Epsilon Money will be offering select PMS products from O3 Securities on referral basis which will be available to you on our seamless online platform.
o3 Securities is a subsidiary of o3 Capital which is a leading mid-market Investment Bank. o3 Securities offers Portfolio Management Services to its clients. o3 Securities offers PMS and equity broking services to individuals, family offices and institutions backed by cutting-edge technology and advanced research and planning tools.

Our Private Equity Partner



Unlistedkart is a Research oriented market-making platform for Unlisted shares and Pre-IPO transactions, enabling investors/wealth managers & family offices to generate alpha using opportunities yet to be discovered by Broader markets. They are a SEBI registered Research Analyst with a proven track record creating liquidity solutions for clients.

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Our Loans Partners

Mirae Asset Financial Services

Loans Against Securities (LAS) Partner

Mirae Asset Financial Services

For providing the facility of taking loans against securities investments, Epsilon Money has tied up with Mirae Asset Financial Services. Loan against securities is a loan where you pledge your securities investments as collateral to the lender against loan amount. In case of requirement for emergency funds, one can look at taking a loan against securities as an option to raise money – instead of redeeming existing holdings.


Other Loans

TATA Capital Financial Services Ltd

At Epsilon Money, we are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking alliance with the prestigious TATA Capital Financial Services Ltd, a leading financial institution known for its unwavering commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach. This alliance brings an array of loan options right to your fingertips, including hassle-free personal loans, business loans up to ₹75 lakhs, home loans up to ₹5 crores, property loans up to ₹500 lakhs, and used car loans up to ₹30 lakhs.

Our Knowledge Partners

Guide to Best Investments

Hxgon Partners LLP

Hxgon Partners LLP is co-founded by Mr. Tushar Pradhan, a former chief investment officer with decades of experience in the capital markets.

Hxgon Partners LLP is co-founded by Mr. Tushar Pradhan, a former chief investment officer with decades of experience in the capital markets. It offers expertise that helps navigate across market cycles using a range of asset classes.

Guide to Best Investments

Value Research

Starting with a book that covers almost all investment options in India. Our insightful articles and books, in association with Value Research, will help you understand and navigate the complex world of investing.

Our Taxation Partner



PMT provides services in assurance, tax, and advisory. They have a team of distinguished Chartered Accountants, Corporate Financial Advisors, and Tax Consultants who provide efficient solutions through direct client interactions. Their tax vertical offers customized solutions in tax planning, including interactive sessions, addressing business queries, and filing income tax returns. CA Mitesh Nadkarni, COO of Taxation & Advisory, brings extensive experience in audit, taxation, fraud detection, and financial planning. He oversees finance and accounts functions, implements cost control strategies, and establishes internal controls for clients.

Our Peer-to-Peer Lending Partner


India Money Mart

Peer to Peer (P2P) is a financial innovation bringing lenders & retail borrowers together on the same platform with a direct relationship. Our partner, IndiaMoneyMart (IMM) is a Reserve Bank of India registered NBFC-P2P, providing competitive returns on investment with reinvestment options. You can register on their website as a lender in minutes and start your lending journey with ease.

Our Fractional Home Ownership Partner



A second home or a vacation home is a dream for many. With the help of our partner – YOURS™, we can help make that dream a reality with carefully curated luxury homes that match your lifestyle aspirations. YOURS™ is a flagship concept launched in India to help you co-own a second home without the hassle of maintaining and managing it throughout the year.

Indian Equity Research Partner

Equinomics Research and Advisory Pvt Ltd

Equinomics Research and Advisory Pvt Ltd

Epsilon Money has tied up with Equinomics for offering equity research to our customers. Our customers can opt for the equity research service which will entitle them to get top quality reports from Equinomics.

Equinomics is a boutique research firm based out of Mumbai. The firm is founded by Mr. G Chokkalingam who has over 37 years of experience in the area covering economics, equity research, market research and knowledge management.

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“Good Ethics is Good Business”

At Epsilon, we believe that we should let you dream – leave the tension of how you will plan finance for those dreams to us. We are here to help you and guide you, every step of the way. By always doing the right thing. By gauging your risk profile, investment horizon and recommending products accordingly. By doing what is best for you to achieve your goals.

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