Value investing versus Growth investing

“Investors are always looking for that “winning” style that helps them make maximum returns. However many terms are taken by them to define the manner in which they invest to achieve their goals. Over the last few years the terms “value” and “growth” have often been used to define certain investment styles that help describe […]

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All About the Contingency Fund

“At its best, life is completely unpredictable”. This quote, from a famous Hollywood actor is so true. The certainties of today can very easily become the uncertainties of tomorrow. We know this, each and every one of us has experience this during the time of COVID-19, when the world came to a standstill due to […]

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Is it the Right Time to Invest?

What a time to be an Indian equity investor. After overcoming all important resistances in June, markets opened gap up for 4-continuous days in July to take nifty over 19500 levels last week. But as we keep going up, the alarm of a nasty fall thereafter keeps on increasing. Also, we keep getting one question […]

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Inflation Part 2: Types of Inflation You Should Know About

There are 2 main types of inflation: demand-pull and cost-push inflation. Find out what they are and why they’re different. In the previous article, we looked into inflation and how it can reduce the value of our money over time. Click here to read the first part on inflation. But do you know about the […]

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Nudging for Better Financial Decision Making

Nudging for Better Financial Decision Making – Mayank Prakash Regional Director, Delhi NCR, Epsilon Money Ms Moneypenny, a middle-aged professional, has been working in an engineering firm for a long time. She has been handsomely paid for some time now which she has been spending the money on beautiful designer bags that she prizes. After […]

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Smart Play with Financial Instruments

Smart Play with Financial Instruments – Mayank Prakash Regional Director, Delhi, Epsilon Money Rotating the strike is the Key Lords! A cloudy English day! Green Grass on the Pitch! Seaming and Swinging conditions! What should be a batsman’s approach in this precarious environment? We live in precarious market conditions these days similar to the batting […]

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Safety First!

A couple of months ago I ran into one of my old college friends at a mall and as college friends will, we sat to catch up over a quick lunch. The main topic of conversation was him asking for advice on buying a new car. After we discussed the merits and demerits of many […]

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Decoding Glide Path

The term “Glide Path” is borrowed from terminology used in the aviation industry as the plane makes its final descend towards its destination. However, the term “Glide Path” is also an important terminology in the personal finance asset allocation space as well. Though not that common and known concept in India. What is Glide Path? […]

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Sides of Inflation – Part 1

Switch on any news channel and the word inflation is likely to be heard – be it locally in India where this is sensitive issue which deals with Jobs and livelihoods to the news out of the US – where their equivalent of the RBI – the US FED claims it is most worried about […]

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Go for Gold

The phrase ‘Go for Gold’ sounds like an inspiration message to give our Olympic medal aspirants as they try to bring glory to the country in their respective field of sport. But the yellow metal is as important to the world of investing as it is to the world of sport and here’s why. Why […]

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“Good Ethics is Good Business”

At Epsilon, we believe that we should let you dream – leave the tension of how you will plan finance for those dreams to us. We are here to help you and guide you, every step of the way. By always doing the right thing. By gauging your risk profile, investment horizon and recommending products accordingly. By doing what is best for you to achieve your goals.

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